Who’s Your Daddy? Enter The Blog Creation.

“What’s Your Name?  Who’s Your Daddy?  Is He Rich Like Me?” –from “Time of The Season” by The Zombies, 1968.  The Year My Husband Was Born.  Oh, The Irony.

who's your daddy?daddy's hands, her pretty hair

I’ll get to the Blog Creation, but first, a Toby Keith detour.  You’ll see how this works.

Frank and I went through a brief country music phase.  It coincided with our unified push to live simpler (meaning: work harder).  It coincided with our buying a retired orange railroad truck at auction (the gigantic gutless wonder is still part of the family…still dying on the freeway, still hauling stinky compost, still getting stuck at the drop of a hat or a snowflake, still beloved).   And it  (our music deviation) coincided with our building our own house with sticks on three acres…I still have wonderful, pungent memories of wiring with Frank in the Columbia Basin’s hot dry heat, sweat trickling down any and every crevice of our bodies as we hammered wire staples to the rhythm of  Brookes and Dunn (“My Maria”), or Toby Keith (“Who’s Your Daddy?”).   That sort of sweat will always, always be perfectly sexy to me.  Even if I beg off wiring in future projects.

By the way.  Wikipedia says that “who’s your daddy” slang (in the form of a rhetorical question) is commonly used “as a boastful claim of dominance over the intended listener”.   Yes, I caught that.  Even heat dazed with a hammer, I caught that.  Which is why, as catchy as Toby Keith’s sound could be, I much preferred SheDaisy’s wanky “I Will…But” before our country music stint was over.

I can still hear his song though.  And, in terms of blogging, the phrase is almost apt for Frank and I.  He is EveryDayBloom’s technical Daddy (not to be confused with any sort of dominance…just…specific subject superiority).  As Taby (The Closet Intellectual) implied, Frank “has the technology”; metaphorically, he is the bionic, six million dollar man.  And I am not.  I’m not even Wonder Woman (incomputable…is that a word?).  I am technically challenged, digitally dyslexic. Possibly because intrinsically, I’m not interested. I’m reaching for it, yes, pushing myself hard against my naturally right brained boundaries…but in the end, I need Frank’s help as I navigate the technical aspects of creating and maintaining a website.   I’m editing and uploading my own pictures (and taking most of them), hooray.  Writing my own content.  Embedding simple links. But he does nearly everything else (widgets, templates, higher linky stuff).  Soon, I’ll be checking my own  404 errors; he showed me how a couple of nights ago (pillow talk covers all sorts of topics).  I think I can remember…(“I Will…But”).

Frank squints into the middle distance

In his enthusiasm for blog creation (and as it dawned on him that I might not be the only “12:00 flasher” in the universe–his term for someone who can’t reset their alarm clocks after the electricity’s gone out), Frank came up with the wonderful idea of creating his own blog so that he could share his savvy.  A how-to for bloggers like me.  He named it, amazingly enough, “The Blog Creation”.  And to make it richer and more inspirational, he has integrated podcasts with it. He’s started a series of interviews with bloggers, asking them to share a little about what they’re learning, what they like, and why they’re blogging at all.  I’ve heard all of his interviews so far, and I’ve been enchanted.  There’s something intriguing about actual voice.  You’re drawn in.  You want to hear more. Personally, I’ve been inspired. Of course, I get early previews. He’s publishing them one by one (I think once a week), starting with mine, then Taby’s, then Meghan’s (Eat Live Make).

Relevant tangent: Frank has a yummy voice, by the way…courtesy of another brief musical stint in his adolescent years as the lead vocal for a local hard rock band–they weren’t just relegated to garages; they actually performed sometimes–AND.  They bought their speakers from a guy who’d acquired them from Heart.  So the story goes.  All that to say: A wee bit of vocal chord damage gives Frank the smallest hint of gravel in his naturally honeyed tones.

crossfire, frank

(Frank is front and center in this photo. I am giddy with the delight of finding and actually POSTING IT ON MY BLOG!!! Woo-hoo!)

Check out his blog and his podcast channel for upcoming interviews!  There’s a Closet Intellectual interview so far, an Eat Live Make interview coming up…even I have a voice in one of his podcasts.

The Blog Creation Podcast

And, especially, Thank You Darling.  I am so grateful that you’ve worked so hard with and for me in our “simpler life”. xoxoxoxo

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  • Shari Woodbury July 4, 2013, 3:34 pm

    Oh my! I think that is the best blast from the past photo I may have ever seen. I feel like I now understand Frank so much better. 🙂
    It’s so great that you’ve not only got a built in computer whiz, but that he takes such good care of you. Give my thanks to Frank. Hope to see you soon!

    • Lynaea July 8, 2013, 3:35 pm

      I’m looking forward to your visit. When you arrive, the wedding dress will be behind me. And yes, Frank takes great care of me…and somehow, his rich history translates into added value… (=

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