Spring Break

Spring Break began wretchedly at my house.

thrifted skirt, sweater, and blouse, Spring Break

Literally. With retching (pardon; tis but too true).   Nevertheless and thankfully, the wretchedness was brief; I recovered. A comfort to my children, who were constantly checking on the state of my health while I was sick, asking don’t you feel better yet Mom? Will you feel better by Saturday?

Because we had somewhere to go.  A vacation start deadline. Saturday, or never. Our Spring Break this year was meant to be spent “back home” (north by northwest), in familiar places with beloved faces.

I revived just in time…JUST in time, to  pack my bag and leave my house in Absolute Dishabille (the house, not me—I had my makeup on within half an hour of leaving the driveway). My children had packed for themselves, including my smallest…who arranged each outfit in a neat little pile—all the outfit piles in a neat long row, and who also made sure to pack her Perry the Platypus snuggle blanket. She confesses she has a crush on Perry; I’m convinced she’s attracted to the strong, silent type.

(I fear my fledgling palm plants in the family room will meet their end while we are gone…par for the course at vacation time. Perhaps positive vibes sent homeward will help them? I was too sick to water before we left, much less clean anything at all…yikes!)

little mess

Spring Break so far has been lovely, very lovely (outside of the brief wretched beginning)

…and we still have a bit of lovely before us… I’m eager to share some of it once I get a chance.  At the moment, my children are trying to convert their innocent grandparents to Dr. Who (they’re sharing an episode in which Amy sees, out of the corner of her eye, that there’s another door).  I had better adieu, hoping as I do to share more with you all later this week!

Spring Break Vintage Look, thrifted

(PS: The Staged-On-A-Vintage-Rig Outfit…Thrifted! From the blouse, to the sweater, to the skirt, to the shoes! Hooray! Photos were taken well before the wretched beginning. Watch for more thriftedness later this week. The other getup (Alice Brady meets Cinderella) I cannot explain, though it involved curlers and was convenient to paint in)

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  • Nana March 26, 2013, 10:48 am

    How could one who looks so healthy and vibrant become so sick? We are glad that you are better. Love Mom

  • Tabetha March 26, 2013, 3:47 am

    So glad to know you recovered just in time!!! I can’t wait to hear about your adventures– enjoy the time away!
    Tabetha recently posted…How To-zday: Spring Mantel BuntingMy Profile

    • Lynaea April 2, 2013, 3:32 pm

      I did enjoy. But still haven’t caught up on laundry… (=