Literary Friday: Of Heroes and Underwear by Leah

Literary Friday:  A Poem in the Rough by Leah Wilcox

My sister Leah and I like to bounce words around and off each other, a fact I’ve shared on my blog before.   In a very literal sense, we are each other’s writing prompts.   Which is a good thing, because lately, both of us are hungry and needing to write.  Leah has given me permission to share some of her writing attempts on my blog; which writings I will post responses to, which then (we’re hoping) will inspire her to send more.  Etc, etc, etc.  That’s the plan.  I really like it.

Here’s what Leah sent me earlier this week:

“I’ve shared this poem with you so you’ll recognize it. I am not stuck on the title and if you have any editing suggestions I’m very open. I have never gotten the ending to a place I love but for the moment I have no solutions (Lynaea interjecting here:  I’m totally ok with the title, and I love the ending):”

Of Heroes, Dreams and Underwear

superman: of heroes, capes, and x ray vision

Goodbye Superman.
Fly away.
Save the day
while I stay
And darn your tights.

And wash your underwear.

Go. Hunt and Gather.
Wrestle vipers.
I will change your baby’s diapers.

Rescue someone in distress.
(My own distress, this mess,
is insignificant, I guess,

though once you flew to me

for less.)

diaper time

Shut the door. I do not mind
Left behind
why should I crave adventure?
I have toilets to clean.

Do I look green
with envy?

Kryptonite is green…
Shall I project its fatal sheen?

Your nemesis will not be me.

You cannot save the world
in holey tights
And I have put them all to rights.

So go.

Your cape is mended.

Save some strength.
When day is ended
Fly to me. Hold me like you’d die for me.

Superman and LeahKiss the Girl, again

(I know it’s just clean underwear
but kiss me like you really care.)

Kiss the GirlKiss the Girl, Again

Can you see me, man of steel?
With x-ray vision can you feel the depth of me?
Reflect to me
the strength your gaze detects in me.

For I would leap tall buildings too
and soar into the wild blue ~

Like you, I’m more than I would seem.

See My Dream

Be my hero.
See my dream.

–Leah Wilcox

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