Saturday Special: Holiday Sampler

They’re going by too fast, these wonder filled festive days. Here’s my latest Saturday Special: our homespun Holiday Sampler

pillow pet

Nora Christmas morning with her long coveted pillow pet. Ez drew her name and was so excited that he “got” her.

parsley and cucumbers at the Marriott

Frank and I spent our anniversary, just days before Christmas, in Virginia. He had a few business meetings, and I holed up in a nice hotel, working out on the elliptical machine, eating cucumbers (and stollen–to balance all the healthy stuff out of course), blogging, and watching decorating/cooking shows on TV. A real treat; we’re grateful to his employers for treating us to the getaway.

homemade pear tart

I keep working on my pear tart. This time, it was our Christmas Eve treat; I used leftover pizza dough for the crust, rolled with extra butter, a sprinkle of fresh ground nutmeg, and sugar…then topped with Comice pears, which I’d soaked in fresh lemon juice and sprinkled with brown sugar. It could improve, but I still love the general idea.

homemade pizza

Homemade pizza is just so good! Christmas Eve fare at our house this year.


Proof. Meisha couldn’t help the grin…cheese, braces, camera, and all.

gnome, Perry the Platypus, and MauryaEz

Christmas presents: Maurya and Ez found this little blue gnome and knew I would love it (have you ever heard the song about the little blue man? “he loved me he loved me and the little blue man/scared me half out of my wits”). I absolutely did love this little blue man!!! So touched that Maurya and Ezra remembered that whimsical detail. And Ez loves fuzzy blankets. He’s into comfort, sweet boy.


Michaelyn, home for Christmas. Mmmm. Loved that we had everyone…all the kids… together.

dad drying Nora's hair

Frank took care of Nora so I could finish packing and getting ready the day we flew out to Virginia. Maurya was “mom” for six days. When we came home, the house sparkled. And Nora, Ez, and Meisha all seemed content. So pleased with my kids…

lace dress Tyson's Corner

These are pretty things Frank and I looked at when we roamed Tyson’s Corner in Virginia (can’t remember which mall). I am really loving lace right now. And I was grateful for the leisure to look…I’m all full of ideas for future refashions and homespun designs.

Peter Pan Collar, Tyson's Corner

And I’m loving Peter Pan collars. I have several peter pan refashions lined up to show in the near future…

black spotted dress, Tyson's corner

And dots. Love dots. I have about six yards of silky brown dotted fabric waiting for me…

Meisha's skirt, silk, gathered, Thrifted!

Bought this silk skirt for Meisha at a local thrift store. Watch for it…I’ll post her in it in a few days.

Holiday bicycle at Tyson's Corner

And I’ll end with a tickle. This decked out bike caught my fancy and held it.

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